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Shaun the Sheep

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What is "Shaun by the Sea?"

A fundraising event for
The Martlets Hospice

43 artists have decorated a Shaun by the Sea is raising money to
enable Martlets (Hospice) to keep caring for people facing the toughest of time


The trail, which takes from 9th September until 5th November, allows families and friends to create precious and special memories. As a charity, we know the importance of memory making for the people we care for.  

Why a pebbled foot?

The pebbled foot represents 'the seaside' side of Brighton, all 'rounds' adorning Shaun the Tour Guide on the seaside are SOUTH of The Kingsway.

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Why a grassy foot?

The grass covered foot represents the town and countryside in and around Brighton, all 'rounds' featured on Shaun the Tour Guide on the grassy side are NORTH of The Kingsway.

East to West

Shaun the Tour Guide really is a tour guide, his pebbled and grassy feet depict NORTH and SOUTH. HIS

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