Another fabulous piece of interactive art, this time, it's 3D. This piece is made up of 108 of my favourite gins, favourite for their taste or the design of the bottle (I admit, I haven't tried them all YET!)

The top layer of perspex features the silhouette of each gin bottle, the picture within reveals a section of the bottle design. 
The second layer, creates a beautiful shadow on the wall behind standing a few millimetres off of the wall. The artwork on this layer reveals the complete bottle illustration, the spectator is to guess what bottle of gin lies beneath.  

A round Photos 4.jpg
Photo Round 3.jpg

Outside The (Gin) Bottle 3D

830mm x 1010mm edition 55mm
3D Perspex Installation
Two layers of Perspex arranged onto of one another,
the top layer shows a section of the  
Limited edition of 5

"Wow!  That’s fabulous.

chin chin!"